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Magnum Swimbait – TK160


Magnum Swimbait – TK160


The TK Magnum Swimbait hooks are the beefiest and stoutest on the market. Made to withstand the brutal forces exerted by a Skeet Reese hook-set, the TK160 will be sure to take what you can dish out. Whether using a creature-bait, swimbait or big tube, these rude boys offer the bait clearance needed to properly drive the TroKar point home. The TK170 offers anglers a weighted version, expertly fashioned to keep the bait in the strike zone and the rod bent. Perfect for a wide variety of bulky plastics.

  • Extra Wide Gap
  • Spring Bait Keeper
  • Ringed Eye
  • Perfect for Bruiser Baits Swimmers

3 per pack.

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